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Hi, I'm Kristin


I'm an entrepreneur and creative visionary.  I've launched dozens of new brands and products, grossing more than 500M in sales. My recent experience includes building a nutritional supplement company from seed to 200 Million annually, and acquiring more than 5M customers, while achieving strong bottom line profits.  


With a background in both professional and consumer health and beauty brands, I've worked in virtually every channel, from direct to consumer (influencers, podcasts, online, television, print, radio) to retail and live shopping.

Anything is possible with the right team.




Hi, I'm Meddy


They call me the "rain maker."  I'm an accomplished entrepreneur, developer and venture capitalist with over 25 years experience in commercial real estate, healthcare, hospitality and green industries.

I'm known for a strong creative vision and unique ability to find out of the box solutions that position companies for explosive growth.

I've successfully handled the disposition of millions of dollars in commercial real estate assets on behalf of the most recognized names in the industry, including Starwood Hotels and Resorts, W Hotel, Hilton and Radisson Hotels.

I love networking and finding the right partners to build success.

Let's build a love affair with your brand.


It all starts with a date, getting to know you and connecting on multiple levels. Building a brand is exactly the same. 


Once your customers fall in love with you, you've got an influencer for life....


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